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Diresco, quartz composite experts

Who manufactured your existing worktop? The average person wouldn’t know the answer to that question. You may not perhaps know the name Diresco just yet, in spite of the fact that as the only producer of quartz composite in Northwestern Europe we have already supplied many kitchen worktops, stairs, floors and wall applications. High time to make our acquaintance we say!

Diresco, quartz composite experts

Who manufactured your existing worktop? The average person wouldn’t know the answer to that question. You may not perhaps know the name Diresco just yet, in spite of the fact that as the only producer of quartz composite in Northwestern Europe we have already supplied many kitchen worktops, stairs, floors and wall applications. High time to make our acquaintance we say!

What is quartz composite?

Diresco quartz composite is a unique mix of quartz granules, resins and colour pigments. Brought perfectly into balance to create a stunning, hardwearing, sustainable product. Our team of experts has bonded these natural ingredients via a unique scientific production process; one that Diresco has perfected over the years. Our exhaustive research efforts have resulted in an incredibly strong material that is comparable to diamond.

Why choose quartz composite?

The Diresco name is synonymous with sustainable quality. We consider it our duty to devote the necessary attention not only to you and our products, but also to our surroundings and the environment.



The unique production process used for our materials ensures that your kitchen worktop is as good as waterproof. Not only does quartz composite rate highly for stain resistance, but also for hygiene. However, there is a slight chance that aggressive liquids can be absorbed into the worktop. Since prevention is always better than cure, we recommend wiping away fats, food residue and all liquids spilled onto the worktop as soon as possible. This will let you enjoy the luxury look & feel of your kitchen for many years to come. 



Quartz composite is strong. Extremely strong.  This makes it highly resistant to scratching, cracking and splitting, as well as heat. But as exceptionally hard as quartz composite is, it is not suitable for absolutely everything. Never stand or sit on it for example. We also recommend to  to always use a cutting board and to not place hot pans directly on the worktop (to prevent discolouration).




All of our quartz composite worktops feature our unique BIO UV technology, a technology that  adds plant-based resins with UV stabilisers to the natural quartz granules. This natural symbiosis ensures that our worktops are much more resistant to sunlight. And what we are actually most proud of (and sometimes even a little jealous) is the fact that time seems to have no hold on this material.



Quartz composite worktops are very maintenance friendly. All the same, proper maintenance is necessary to ensure a long lifespan. To help you with this, we developed the Quartz Spray, a product that makes your worktop as good as new in no time.  We explain all the advantages and how to use this product in our Quartz Spray brochure, available on our website for viewing and downloading.


Specialist in BIO-UV Technology

Those looking for a bespoke outdoor kitchen undoubtedly already have a dream design in mind. Perhaps a bang-on trend marble look, a classic dark natural stone or a surface that glistens in the sunlight …but have you thought about the UV-resistance (and in turn the aesthetic sustainability) of your chosen material? Our researchers have done so for you, by developing D-Quartz featuring pioneering BIO-UV Technology.

Ecological features

D-Quartz is unique as we use BIO resins containing plant-based ingredients. Whatever colour of quartz composite you choose, rest assured your Diresco worktop will be ‘green’.

Perfect for outdoor use

Great news for outdoor kitchen enthusiasts: Diresco can match any design brief and thanks to the innovative D-Quartz UV Technology, it is much more resistant to UV rays and warranted for outdoor use. Making our product range eminently suitable for American-style outdoor kitchens. How about a fixed built-in BBQ and a bespoke worktop in your back garden? Our expertise makes that possible.

From composite flooring to façade cladding

Given that this innovative feature is already incorporated in our composite, all our indoor products boast this added UV protection bonus too: floors, stairs, wall tiles …. All are technologically better resistant to UV rays.  Moreover, BIO-UV yields extra versatility in the Diresco product range. Take for example the possibility of façade cladding with D-Quartz composite.

Specialist in BIO-UV Technology
Leader in Bio-UV technology & D-Quartz logos


Still not sure whether to opt for quartz composite? Let a few comparative tests help make up your mind. Our Diresco experts have done the research for you:

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other quartz natural stone ceramic solid surface laminates
resistance to abrasion
scratch resistance
Dimension stability
frost resistance
water proof
wear resistance
heat resistance
uv resistance

Quartz composite in a range of colors

The Diresco color spectrum is as extensive as its pattern selection. Belgian Blue and the marbled Noblesse – developed by Belgian product designers – are the classics. The trendy Terrazzo design is also hugely popular. Not simply because it looks fantastic but also due to the unique production it undergoes: the coloured specks in the Terrazzo range actually derive from recycled quartz composite sheets from our in-house production process. The extensive colour spectrum of D-Quartz composite means there is something for every (outdoor) kitchen, and every floor, wall, stair or façade application. Which product line is making your eyes sparkle like quartz crystals? It’s time to delve into color!

Your choice of finish

The final touch to your quartz composite has to be its finish of course: a smoothly polished composite as a luxuriant element to your interior or would you prefer a muted design that lends the quartz an authentic look&feel? At Diresco the decisions are yours.

Diresco Finishing Poli


Give quartz composite a star role in your interior
A worktop with a high gloss finish is a veritable eye-catcher.  The opulent, contemporary look & feel, will elevate any interior to the next level.  This Poli finish is naturally non-porous and therefore does not need to be sealed and protected before first use.

Diresco Finishing Velvet


Be seduced by velvet
The luxurious matt finish of this surface creates added value both in terms of aesthetics and touch – giving rise to its velvety-soft name. It guarantees superlative density, rich colour and is maintenance-friendly.  It is therefore also not necessary to treat this worktop with a stain-stop before it is installed.

Diresco Finishing Anticato


Robust eye-catcher with extra grip
Are you looking for a more robust look in your interior? The anticato finish could then be the solution.  The somewhat rougher surface, with a subtle relief, makes your worktop slightly more rural and robust. Moreover the coarser surface significantly reduces the risk of slipping, making the material very suitable for floors.  Always make sure that this finish is treated by a professional expert with a stain-stop, suitable for quartz composite. Depending on the type of impregnating agent chosen, the quartz surface may become slightly darker in color.


With the Jumbo sheet (318x155cm) and a range of sheet thicknesses (1.2 cm, 2 cm and 3 cm), D-Quartz can be used both indoors and out.

Kitchen countertops, washbasin countertops, shower walls and trays, tiles, facades or furniture. The choice is endless!



Our dealers are always on hand to answer your question. Need an answer now? We have summarised the questions most often put to us in our FAQs.

What is natural quartz?

Quartz is one of the most commonly available minerals in the world. Our suppliers grind large blocks of quartz into quartz granules. Natural quartz granules constitute 94% of Diresco Stone.

The use of these quartz granules makes our Diresco Stone extremely strong and highly scratch resistant.

Where can I purchase Diresco quartz?

Contact the dealer in your country - see our “Dealers” tab.

Do I have to apply a protector on Diresco quartz?

The Velvet and Poli finishes are naturally non-porous and therefore do not need to be sealed and protected before first use.The Anticato finish has a more textured and porous surface, which means the material is more prone to staining. For this reason, an expert has to treat this worktop with a stain-stop suitable for quartz composite before installation. Depending on the type of impregnating agent chosen, the worktop may become slightly darker in color.

Can I cut directly on my Diresco kitchen countertops?

Although the surface is highly scratch resistant, we do recommend the use of a chopping board - out of respect for your worktop!

Is Diresco quartz heat resistant?

Diresco quartz is heat resistant. But out of respect for your worktop, use a trivet when placing a hot pot or casserole, sudden and rapid temperature changes can potentially damage your worktop surface.

What products are recommended at the time of installation?

A technically qualified professional will use a two-component adhesive when installing the worktop, tiles on a flat, stable, dry and clean substrate.

Can I use Diresco in my kitchen?

Diresco quartz is an ideal worktop for your kitchen; it ensures that you can enjoy cooking without any worries.

Can I use Diresco quartz composite for other applications?

The quartz composite is very commonly used in the bathroom. You can easily create a walk-in shower without joints; but you can also make other splash walls or a designer sink.

Can I use Diresco for floors?

It is obviously suitable as a floor, and you can fully change the floor according to the colour of your worktop or your bathroom in this manner, or give your bathroom a uniform appearance. 


Immerse yourself in the world of Diresco: our brochures and technical specifications can be downloaded free of charge here.